Sunday, February 06, 2005
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie (left) and Patriots owner Robert Kraft meet on the field before their teams square off in Super Bowl XXXIX. (AP)

Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri meets up with Eagles kicker David Akers during warmups. (AP)

Eagles QB McNabb is ready

and surprisingly, so is Terrell Owens (Eagles WR -- dude had TWO METAL SCREWS AND A PLATE put into his ankle six weeks ago). i don't know about you but he looks good to me...

the fans are ready (although i dunno what that has to do with an eagle...)

and Tedy Bruschi, Pats LB, has his own pregame routine down.

The Eagle's response? "Enough already....let's do this!"

For awhile, things didn't look so good

the boys were getting manhandled

and there were thoughts that this was to be the result.

fortunately, the tide turned. looks like Bruschi's pre-game routine worked for him, as he managed to sack Donovan McNabb

Corey Dillon (Pats RB) did his thing

as did Adam Vinatieri, who kicked what turned out to be the winning FG.

it got tense towards the end, as Eagles WR Greg Lewis made a phenomenal 30 yard reception to pull the Eagles within 3 with a minute to go.

but it was not to be. VICTORY!

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on the cusp of victory. again.
I know this is old news, but since we're about to get another glimpse of this later on today

...I thought it would be good to turn back the clock. Remember this?

ah, seems just like yesterday :-). In fact, Greg Garber over at espn wrote a nice article recently that I think you should all check out! In fact, here's a snippet:

Pats, Sox put Boston on top of sports world

By Greg Garber

Over the years, this pronounced perception has grown: New Englanders love to revel in the failure of their sports teams. In some quarters, there was a sneaking suspicion that they lived to lose.

As the Boston Bruins' flurry of the early 1970s faded and the Boston Celtics franchise slipped into the mediocrity of middle age in the 1990s, the half-filled glass seemed to become emptier. As the millennium approached, prospects seemed typically bleak. The last Bruins NHL championship came in 1972, 32 years ago. The Celtics were the NBA champs in 1986, representing an 18-year drought.

The Red Sox -- tantalizingly close in 1946, 1967, 1975 and 1986 -- could never quite close the deal in the World Series. The Patriots, who reached the Super Bowl at the end of the 1985 and 1996 seasons, followed the close-but-no-title-cigar protocol.

New England sports fans, particularly those in Boston, met their fate with the stoicism and a stiff upper lip appropriate for their Calvinist forebears. This was, they had come to believe, the way it was meant to be. read on


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bored? try heading over to, where amusement galore awaits. lots of links to keep you occupied into the wee hours of the morning. i sure am enjoying my new "xml enabled" button (see sidebar). go make your own. do it. do it now. thanks herman!
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Thursday, February 03, 2005
This just in from

Two fired over radio tsunami parody

NEW YORK (AP) -- The producer and co-host of a morning radio show that mocked tsunami victims have been fired.

Producer Rick Del Gado and co-host Todd Lynn were fired. Del Gado was involved in writing and airing the song, and Lynn made "offensive, racially insensitive comments" following the song's broadcast, Cummings said.

Three other members of the morning crew, including star Tarsha "Miss" Jones, remain in the middle of a two-week suspension that ends February 9. Their salaries from those two weeks will be donated to tsunami relief. full story

While there's still nothing on Miss Info in the story, a little digging came up with this story from FMBQ, in which it says that:
Other members of the morning show crew -- Miss Jones, DJ Envy and Tasha Hightower -- have each been given two-week suspensions with their salaries being redirected to Give2Asia for the duration of their suspensions, which will end on Wednesday, February 9. Another member of the morning show, Miss Info, was not suspended.
That's good to know. at least Emmis Communications has some sense. I can't believe Miss Jones got off the hook though. In my mind she's just as guilty as Lynn and Del Gado, and deserves to be axed as well. A two week suspension without pay? You've gotta be kidding me!

Keep on making noise...the people CAN make a difference!
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