Thursday, June 30, 2005
baseball news
One of the highlights of my week is reading's Power Rankings.

This week's includes such nuggets as:
Rank 20. (LW 17)
Arizona Diamondbacks
Ouch. They've given up 35 home runs in June, and their relief staff sports a major league-worst 6.01 ERA. Things are so bad that one of the pitchers they're reportedly interested in is the Yankees' Tanyon Sturtze, he of the 5.13 lifetime ERA. OK, OK, that is better.
Rank 12. (LW 16)
Dontrelle Willis is 12-3 with a 2.04 ERA, four complete games and three shutouts. But how about this one? He's hitting .250 (11-for-44), just three points fewer than what opposing batters are doing against him. And don't think that hasn't come up in the clubhouse.
[editor's note: just for comparison's sake, take a look at how Willis compares with the Yankee's Tony Womack...

Tony Womack.240 .274 .264 .538
Dontrelle Willis.

yeah, I don't understand either why Torre continues to write Womack's name on the lineup card]

I'll leave you with the bit about my favorite team:
Rank 13. (LW 9)
New York Yankees
So far, they've had winning streaks of five, six and 10 games. They've also had losing streaks of six, four (three times) and three (twice) games. They're 0-26 when scoring fewer than four runs. And they're 4-12 against the Devil Rays, Royals and Brewers. We say it's all Tony Womack's fault.
c'mon, go read. you know you want to. It's always good for a chuckle!
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new york yankee newsies::
Lot's of rumblings in the Bronx these days, so in the style of justjared, i thought it was about time for an update

::bye bye Stanton/Quantrill
The veteran relievers Paul Quantrill and Mike Stanton appear to have pitched their last games for the Yankees. Hoping to make their bullpen younger, the Yankees could release or trade both on Thursday. [nyt][ update]

:: houston, we have a problem
Sheffield, who was reportedly being dangled by the Yankees in a deal with the Mets that would have landed Mike Cameron in the Bronx, said that if he is traded, his new team better be prepared to extend his contract and give him more money -- and whatever else he can think of to make it pay for taking the pinstripes off his uniform. []
fortunately for him....
But manager Joe Torre said before Wednesday's game that the Yankees had turned down the Mets' offer for Sheffield, adding that he had informed Sheffield of that fact shortly after he had spoken with reporters.
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Sunday, June 26, 2005
"supersize me" unplugged
Stop suing restaurants for your own stupidity!
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around durham

notice anything interesting about this establishment? (click for full size)
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get real
"Someday I might have to put down a basketball and have a regular 9-to-5 like everybody else." -Shaquille O'Neal []

yeah, like he's ever gonna have to do anything remotely resembling work after he retires from the NBA. It's cool that Shaq not only finished up his ugrad degree, but has now earned his MBA, but who does he think he's fooling when he talks as if he's wondering how to support himself AB (after basketball)?

Fun Fact of the Day: The 2005 Yanks are 0-26 when scoring less than 3 runs. Ain't it great what 210 million will buy you?
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Friday, June 24, 2005
more Shav
I was reading the Chronicle this afternoon, to see what the Duke spin was going to be and if I could find an official comment from Coach K. While there was a recent story, the only statement was one from back in May when Shav first declared himself draft eligible:
Head coach Mike Krzyzewski said he supported Randolph, although he would not have made the same decision at this time if he were Randolph. [more]
Ouch. I don't know that Shav has done anything since then to change Coach K's opinion. It seems that not even the Crazies have quite figured him out. Ah well. Live and learn, right?
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
i was wrong
I should have held my tongue. Declaring for the draft to "test the waters" was NOT the worst decision Shavlik Randolph could have made. STAYING in the NBA draft pretty much does it. Word is that he worked out for Charlotte, New Jersey, Boston, Washington and Orlando (side note-- please don't let him end up as a Celtic!) and had good enough result to stick it out. Let's hope his confidence isn't shattered when his name isn't called.

Randolph chooses uncertain draft

I decided to learn more about the former McDonald's All American, who was once the pride and joy of NC. Let's take a look back at Nike Camp 2001, where he had an opportunity to match up against a lot of guys who have already made it, or will be heading to the NBA this year:
6-9 208-pound senior Shavlik Randolph (Broughton H.S./Raleigh, N.C.) was rather disappointing. He had trouble making and finishing post moves against smaller, weaker defenders and was in a rebound drought. He also wasn't venturing out to the perimeter, which would have allowed him to showcase his impressive face-up game. And, on the second night of practice games, Randolph didn't dress for a matchup versus Stoudemire. Randolph was reported to be suffering from patella tendonitus. []
He couldn't cut it with the big dogs even then. Prior to the 2004 season had some good things to say, but I don't know if they'd be so positive after yet another disappointing year. I don't care how "good" his team workouts went, there's just no way he's getting drafted in this year's talent pool. At least he can say he played for Duke-- that's more than a lot of guys can say. So long, #42...

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Friday, June 03, 2005
Quote of the Day: "Who would have thought the $210 million superstar Yankees could be swept by the $37 million unknown Royals?" Dick Kaegel,
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