Wednesday, December 21, 2005
say it ain't so
this is pretty much the worst way this situation could have played out. it's bad enough for Damon to remain in the division, but to have crossed to the evil empire? was it really so hard to offer him a competitive four or five year deal, especially given the scarcity of the market? turning Bernie Williams into Johnny Damon? genius. Manny and David Wells still want out, Theo's long gone, and now this? 2006 looks to be a loooooong season...

Damon Leaves Sox for Yankees

BOSTON -- The Red Sox knew they could be in the market for a new center fielder to start the 2006 season, but that didn't lessen the shock late Tuesday night when Johnny Damon signed a four-year, $52 million deal with the New York Yankees. [] [] []


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Thursday, December 15, 2005
another ivy league record!
w00t! another ivy league record, this time for good old Princeton (i guess at least one half of the "killer P's" aren't so deadly this year). Columbia for league champs!

Monmouth beats Princeton in lowest-scoring D-I game since start of 3-point line


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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
time for an upgrade
Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!

Firefox v1.5 was released some time ago, but I only just got around to upgrading a few days ago. I had read such great things about the new release, I was anxious to try out some of the new features. It was quite a shock when the application proceeded to crash 8+ times in the 2 days it took me to getting around to troubleshoot the problem.

A tip: If you have Adblock installed and plan on upgrading from Firefox 1.0.x, UNINSTALL it before (or soon after, trust me) upgrading to the new version. Adblock Plus is the compatible extension for v1.5. Unlike my other extensions, which were automatically disabled if an update couldn't be found Adblock seemed to be working normally (ie ads were still blocked), but it obviously caused stability issues.

Want to know what Firefox is? Take the five-minute challenge.

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who's laughing now?
I'll admit it. I was wrong.

...but at least i'm not Jason Strasser.

I was doing my daily scan of NBA boxscores and was shocked to read the following in the recap of last night's Sixers OT victory over the T'wolves:
Then again, wilder things have occurred like the creaky Webber leaving his feet on more than one shot, Korver scoring on a three-point play instead of 3-pointers and reserve Shavlik Randolph adding key baskets -- all in a wild fourth quarter. []
I never expected to see him on any sort of pro team at all this year (except maybe in Europe), let alone getting written up in an AP article for actually contributing something in a key moment. In 8 minutes of play he managed to score 7 points, going 3-3 with FG and 1-2 from the charity stripe. He also got recorded 4 rebounds, three of which were on the offensive boards. Not bad for a rookie with roughly 45 min of playing time (over 8 games) to his name.

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Monday, December 12, 2005
Use wikipedia as your only source for important information? You might want to reconsider...
The author of a Wikipedia entry that falsely implicated a prominent writer in both Kennedy assassinations and prompted a row about the online encyclopaedia's reliability has apologised to his victim, saying that it was a "joke that went horribly, horribly wrong". read more

CNN's version of the story had another nugget of information:
...Chase said he didn't know the free Internet encyclopedia called Wikipedia was used as a serious reference tool. read more

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Monday, December 05, 2005
dock beats the clock
Peter Gehbard, The Chronicle

#1 Duke over VT, 77-75. you know, games like this don't really inspire confidence. i guess i should just chalk it up to the toughness of the ACC but really, the #1 ranked team that was a "no brainer" preseason final four pick really shouldn't need an improbable last second play to pull out the W. i said it before, but it just had to be said again.
The 40-foot shot floated toward the net as the Cameron faithful watched, hoping Duke could overcome an overall lackluster effort with one unlikely play. The ball rattled in, giving the Blue Devils the two-point win and sending the fans into hysteria. [via the chronicle]
Mind you that this quote came from the school paper, clearly a biased entity. Now do you see what i'm getting at? A last minute game winning play is the sort of thing I might expect from Saturday's matchup at #2 Texas, but for now, it's safe to say that I'm worried. It sure would be nice if they could bring a busload of crazies to take to Texas Jersey with them...

update: I just realized the game will be held in NJ at the Meadowlands (a neutral site). that's a relief. every little bit helps, right?

Peter Gehbard, The Chronicle


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Thursday, December 01, 2005
that was quick
sure didn't take long for the trade to payoff!
New-look Bruins blank Heatley, Senators


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a tad concerned

I'll admit it. I'm nervous. While the women have been doing their job, blowing out their early season non-conference opponents, the Duke men have struggled at times, only managing to score 64 against Boston University, squeezing by unranked Drexel 78-68, who had a realistic chance of winning until the final minute. The games with then #11 Memphis, and #16 Indiana were both won by by the Blue Devils, making them a perfect 6-0 but they were nailbiters, which is exactly what you don't expect from a team that was predicted to cruise to the national championship, blowing out teams left and right. What happens when conference play starts? The ACC currently has 5 teams ranked in the top 25, but as history as demonstrates, it's possible to lose to just about any other team in the conference on any given day. On the bright side, if things go well, the boys should be well prepared come march and just might run the table.


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you know you're desperate
...when you trade your CAPTAIN to try to fix the team.

Joe.Thornton. A Shark. I'm in shock. I remember when Joe Thornton was drafted with the #1 pick back in 1997. He was supposed to revive the franchise, and help Ray Bourque finally win the Stanley Cup in Boston (didn't happen...he had to go to Colorado to win before he retired). I figured things would get shaken up, but this completely blindsided me. Let's hope the Bruins are able to turn the season around because I really hate seeing him go. [via]


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