Wednesday, December 20, 2006
a-hacking we will go
just switched to the new blogger and finding yourself lost trying to figure out how to apply some advanced features to your blog? check out the blogger beta hack feed. it's awesome, i promise :-). now, if only i could find some free time....

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
i guess the ease with which i was able to migrate the church blog piqued my interest enough to take the plunge. so much for "waiting things out for awhile :-p". thankfully, it all went through without a hitch. i'm not looking forward to trying to upgrade this template, however. it just might be time for a complete redesign.

i still echo chuck, however, and leave you with a word of caution: take every precaution prior to migration to reduce the chance of disaster!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006
please excuse the dust

this blog has been (and remains) a work in progress. the legibility of the links is the next order of business.

12/16 update: success, courtesy of thanks!
not sure yet what's next. but i'm thinking migration may be in order soon....
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Saturday, December 09, 2006
beta blogger: not for everyone
Wikipedia describes a beta as:
A beta version or beta release usually represents the first version of a computer program that implements all features in the initial software requirements specification. It is likely to be useful for internal demonstrations and previews to select customers, but unstable and not yet ready for release. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, as a technical preview (TP) or as an early access. As the second major stage in the release lifecycle, following the alpha stage, it is named after the Greek letter beta, the second letter in the Greek alphabet. read more...

it applies well for the pending version of blogger (version 3.0, currently called blogger beta). unfortunately, they don't point users to wikipedia (or anywhere), when offering the choice of an upgrade. given the level of activity in the blogger help forum, and the types of problems being reported, combined with the part where account migration is irreversible, i'm content to wait things out for awhile until the dust settles.

i love google and use many google-branded products (gmail, calendar, reader, etc), but i think they've really slipped up with the way they're handling things in this case.

shame on you google!

so what's a blogger to do? hang tight and plan ahead!

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Hi Amr (Amrlion?),

You asked a question that started to pester me last week, after I wrote that latest series of posts.

Please contact me by email or IM, I think your situation is not unique, and I think we may have to convince Blogger of that.

By Blogger Chuck, at 12/16/2006 10:37 AM  

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