Tuesday, April 25, 2006
it's on cnn so it must be okay

Judge: Employee Web surfing not unreasonable

NEW YORK (AP) -- Surfing the Web at work is equivalent to reading a newspaper or talking on the phone, an administrative law judge said in recommending the lightest possible punishment for a city worker accused of disregarding warnings to stay off the Internet. full story via cnn.com

i suggest you print this article to whip out the next time your boss catches you surfing on company time...

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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Pap (ie 25 yr old Red Sox closer, Jonathan Papelbon) doesn't look too happy, does he. no matter, maybe he'll learn not to make stupid bets.

it's okay...as long as he keeps on "losing" he'll make us all happy campers!


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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
that's what friends are for
Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Reed Johnson is a good friend to have.

Johnson paid for [old friend sergeant Jim] Diaz and his wife and son to fly to Toronto to take in the two-game series against the Yankees. Johnson put up Diaz and his family in a hotel and persuaded the team to issue Diaz everything from a Blue Jays hat down to a pair of baseball spikes.[more] via mlb.com

Not a bad way to spend your 15 day leave. Reed Johnson, you're all right.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006
are some lives worth more than others?
He Qingzhi's teenage daughter, Yuan, and her two friends lived on the same street near the Yangtze River, attended the same middle school and were crushed to death in the same traffic accident late last year.

After that, the symmetry ended: Under Chinese law, Yuan's life was worth less than the others. more, int'l herald tribune

if the death of your child is not bad enough, could you imagine having to fight for equal compensation in the midst of your grief? forgive me, but i thought this was the 21st century...

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Friday, April 14, 2006
retirement, please
After an abismal rehab start in AAA-Pawtucket, David Wells finally made his first start of the season this past wednesday [recap]. I feel like deja vu, or something, because this is not much better than how he started out last year. Seems to me he's 42 now, and clearly not improving. This past offseason he asked for a trade to the Padres, to be closer to home...maybe it's time to think about retirement? then he could spend all the time he wants in SD.


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living above the rim

Redick beats out Young, Bush for Sullivan Award

Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Duke star J.J. Redick won the Sullivan Award on Wednesday night, becoming the first men's basketball player since Bill Walton in 1973 to be honored as the nation's top amateur athlete. Redick beat out Texas quarterback Vince Young, who led the Longhorns to a national title with a win in the Rose Bowl over Southern California and its two Sullivan Award finalists -- Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. [espn.com]

How often does a skinny white kid who's not even considered a top 5 draft prospect win out over Heisman trophy winners and olympic gold medalists? Maybe this will help ease the pain of never winning the big one. you go boy.

ed. note: yes, i am aware of the fact that young mr. redick only dunked twice in his entire career, but you've gotta love this pic, with sheldon williams ("the landlord)" looking on in the background).


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
r.i.p., maggie

Maggie Dixon's funeral was today. Who's Maggie Dixon? The 28 yr old first year coach of West Point (Army)'s women's basketball team who, just one month ago, was basking in the excitement of the team having earned it's first march madness tournament berth ever. To make a great story even better, Dixon and her brother, Jamie, coach of Pittsburg's men's basketball team, became the first sister-brother coaching combination to ever have teams make the tournament in the same year.

Autopsy Showed Dixon Had Enlarged Heart

Associated Press

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- A month ago, 28-year-old Army coach Maggie Dixon left the Christl Arena court on the shoulders of jubilant cadets after leading the women's basketball team to its first NCAA Tournament berth.

On Friday, Dixon was mourned in a chapel across from the U.S. Military Academy's campus, a day after she died following an "arrhythmic episode to her heart."

Dixon died Thursday night at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, N.Y., academy spokesman Lt. Col. Kent Cassella said. [espn.com]

R.I.P., Maggie. You will be missed.


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Thursday, April 06, 2006
rush being rush?
I never liked Rush Limbaugh, but this just adds fuel to the fire. It's a shame that he's worked so hard to become the face of the American political right. I'll admit that the liberals have made their share of bonehead comments (case in point, my fair senators), but that certainly doesn't make it "okay". Just another occasion of "Rush being Rush"?
Media Matters: Limbaugh called alleged Duke rape victim a "ho[ ]"
During the March 31 broadcast of his national syndicated radio program, Rush Limbaugh referred to the alleged victim of a rape by members of the Duke University lacrosse team as a "ho[]." [media matters]
Take a stand! The media matters site linked above has contact info for Mr. Limbaugh, along with some tips on how to communicate effectively with the media.

via CrayonPeople.com
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
fear the turtle
On the ladies side, the Duke Blue Devils fell short in their latest attempt to capture the ncaa crown, losing 78-75 to Maryland, a team they had lost to just once in the previous 15 tries. The Blue Devils were up 13 at one point, and just as they did in an early season Carolina game, they blew it down the stretch, resulting in the 2nd biggest comeback in women's tournament history. A huge turning point was what could end up being the most clutch 3 pt shot of freshman Kristi Toliver's college career-- the one that tied the game up at the end of regulation (see below). It doesn't take much to tell that i'm a Duke fan, but I have to give Maryland credit for getting the job done. Better luck next year, ladies. (fun fact: Gail Goestenkors is the coach with the 4th best tournament record, [34-12 = 0.739], but each of the three coaches ahead of her have at least 2 titles.)

Fear the Turtle!


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