Tuesday, November 08, 2005
sporting roundup
i've been super busy lately so i'm sorry if anyone's been feeling neglected. it's been a rough week for the teams i've been pulling for. let's recap:
  • then #3 va tech is taken to school by acc rival and then #5 miami, losing 7-27. so much for the chance of having an acc team make the rose bowl. barring some sort of miracle usc will face texas in the Rose bowl. Oh well, maybe next year. at least the greatly heralded Vick is only a junior so if he decides to return they could have the elusive undefeated season next year and a chance at a national championship. perhaps ESPN's Pat Forde should have held off on the glowing comparisons he made to his older, more famous, brother.

  • celtics blow a 4th quarter 12 point lead to lose to the bobcats 105-107 in overtime

  • bulls put up a valiant effort down the stretch but end up losing to nets 99-100 (yes, i'm a bulls fan. gotta pull for my former dukies and kirk hinrich. he's really grown on me since that day when i learned he has fantasy value)

  • larry brown and the new york knicks. 'nuff said (you'd think i'd learn my lesson with them!)

  • in spite of the return of tedy bruschi last week, pats lose 21-40 against peyton manning and the colts. i think this one hurt the most because i guess i had to know it was only a matter of time before Peyton played like, well, Peyton Manning.
In other news, TO has pretty much written his ticket out of Philadelphia. The Eagles have suspended him (without pay) for the 4 game max, and then plan to deactivate him (basically paying him 1 million to stay home for the rest of the season). in this day and age it says a lot if you get management mad enough at you that they'd rather eat that kind of money, than put up with your antics any longer. who will be next to take on this head case?

so yeah, it's been a rough week. don't forget that the red sox got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by the eventual world series champions, and that they've already lost gm Theo Epstein due to what has to have been some dumb moves by the upper level management. looking at the bright side, the NE Revolution have advanced to the MLS Cup and will face the LA Galaxy, in a rematch of the 2002 final. Let's hope they can pull out the "V" this time and bring home the first championship in franchise history. It's about time Boston had something else to celebrate.

MLS cup 2005, Sunday November 13, 3:30pm. The game will be shown on ABC so check it out. Go Revs!

p.s. i know how people like pictures, so here are two more for you. please note that i didn't take any of them so don't sue me. i present, the losers of the week: TO and Marcus Vick (which i hate to include, cause i like his game)

yes boys, you screwed up.


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